Objectives & Policies

Objectives and Policies

Throughout the years we have followed certain objectives to base around our policies. These objectives are the fundamental building blocks in which we have found Canadians require in order to have a chance at a successful future. Our objectives are considered static principles that help us plan for the present and the future. 

  • Provide governmental transparency & accountability
  • Reducing inefficient government spending
  • Restoring opportunities for Canadians to life a quality life
  • Reduce financial burden costs for struggling households
  • Improve service quality of governmental services
  • Provide greater economic security for Canadians
  • Increase growth and development opportunities for small/medium businesses
  • Vastly improve national security measures and procedures
  • Preserve Canada’s environment and reduce detrimental practices
  • Firmly regulate immigration ensuring Canadian Citizens are not displaced
  • Defence modernization improving training & standards for Canadian Forces
  • Granting students greater access to work experience and reducing cost of studies
  • Provide greater protection for Canadian jobs
  • Tax overhaul to simplify all tax processes for individuals and businesses
  • Constantly improving quality of life for workers, families, and students

Protection of Citizens

§  Protecting worker rights to have a career in a safe and fair environment

a.      Monitoring and enforcing workers’ rights in the workplace

b.      Allowing workers access to channels to communicate their concerns

c.      Penalties towards negligence of safety procedures and labour standards

d.      Implementation of national whistleblower program for the private sector

§  Promote equal opportunities for women in the non-traditional workplace

a.      Provide education, support, and encouragement to study and work in non-traditional careers

b.      Creation of legislation to ensure that businesses make honest attempts to hire women

§  Fighting for the rights of citizens to be treated fairly as consumers

a.      Punishing businesses that conduct illegal practices and cheat consumers

b.      Ensuring businesses provide all necessary information to allow consumers to make an informed decision

§  Ensure products imported to Canada meet national standards in health & safety

a.      Denying imports that do not meet the standards of Canada

b.      Ensuring products have been inspected before being sold to Canadian consumers

c.      Barring importers with a trend to attempt and circumvent Canadian import laws

§  Enforce more rules towards foods and labelling of products to educate citizens on exactly what they are consuming

a.      Force greater transparency on the contents of food products

b.      Increase the minimum amount of information that must be given on food labels

c.      Make sure that labelling & information is clear and not deceptive

d.      Mandatory GMO labelling for food products sold within Canada

§  Pre-emptive legislation against discrimination

a.      Denying companies from making decisions based on a person(s) genetic information

b.      Creating safeguards from discriminatory practices based on information that may be questionable

§  Respecting the privacy of Canadian citizens

a.      Ensure the right to privacy of Canadian citizens is not constantly overlooked in the name of national security

b.      Establishing rules on what information can be recorded and what cannot

c.      Providing Canadians with safeguards from business oriented data collection, as well as the distribution of collected data

§  Looking out for families

a.      Investing towards the development of affordable daycare programs for families seeking to balance their home and professional life

b.      Looking for long term strategies to help out families instead of bandage remedies

§  Providing safety for Citizens

a.      Prosecuting groups inciting violence against minorities

b.      Providing reasonable protection for vulnerable group


§  Protecting and expanding the quality of life

a.      Designing a stable increasing minimum wage system to allow Canadians to provide for themselves comfortably and enjoy a higher standard of living

b.      Focus on bringing and retaining high-level salary positions within Canada

c.      Emphasising the need for careers over low-level working positions

§  Revamping Canadian tourism on an international level

a.      Creating more effective campaigns to encourage international tourism & investment to Canada

b.      Boosting both eco and urban tourism activities to retain visitors

c.      Establishing Canada as the most diverse country to visit

§  Progress the standing of Canadian Currency

a.      Keeping Canada’s own sovereign currency

b.      Escalating currency security measures to deter counterfeiting

§  Sustaining a stable economy

a.      Ensuring interest rate encourages stable economic increase

b.      Balancing control of banks with free market practices

c.      Stimulate more national business activity, especially in sectors of potential

d.      Establishing policy to avoid financial collapses and creating procedures to counter financial instability

§  Encourage flourishing of Canadian business through increased investments

a.      Cutting business-oppressing red tape

b.      Providing entrepreneurs with support to help ensure steady growth of business

c.      National business conventions to allow entrepreneurs and inventors a venue to advertise ideas and innovations

d.      Encouraging the growth and development of more affordable business incubators

e.      Providing wider access to grants and subsidiaries for small businesses

§  Setting Goals to raise the GDP

a.      Creating certain goals to aim for a higher GDP within certain time periods

§  Creating new economic sectors

a.      Inviting eventual future-businesses to set up in Canada

b.      Providing assistance for ease of set-up for businesses to start

c.      Establishing Canada as the best location to establish a new business


§  No student tuition fee hikes

a.      No increases to tuition fees for Canadian students

b.     Ensuring tuition does not become an obstacle for those looking to receive post-secondary education

c.      Tax rebates for students who complete in-demand studies

§  Collecting and analysing information from education system

a.      Auditing education system to ensure funds are being spent responsibly

b.     Providing greater transparency of graduation rates and other important information for future and current post-secondary students

c.      Creation of an easy access “in-demand” employment database

§  Ensuring low interest loans for Canadian students

a.      Reducing burden on Canadian students once they graduate to allow for more time seeking applicable employment than trying to make ends meet

b.      Extending interest-deferred time frame

§  Maintaining a high literacy rate in Canadians

a.      Guaranteeing that all Canadians have access to basic foundation education

§  Improving quality of K-12 education

a.      Providing increased investment to allow for smaller classrooms

b.      Reforming education in grade schools and high schools to ensure youth are receiving the necessary education they need to perform well in their future

c.      Integrating digital education emphasis

§  Adequate funding to maintain public education, art, and cultural centres

§  Developing opportunities of greater access for post-secondary students to obtain applicable work experience in their field of interest

a.      Promoting incentives for industry & business to hire post-secondary students who obtain their qualifications

b.      Controlled subsidiaries to encourage education of in-demand jobs

§  Clarifying regulations on internships

a.      Creating internship code of conduct and placing restrictions on internships to stop exploitation of interns

b.      Ensuring only acceptable and relevant workplace experiences are allowed to apply

c.      Establish minimum internship wage for all interns

§  Establishing educational partnerships globally

a.      Set standardized transferable programs

b.      Attract educated professionals to study and work in Canada

c.      Allow expedition process to allow professionals to contribute knowledge and skills in Canada


§  Reviewing current nuclear power generation strategy

a.      Looking to replacing current nuclear reactors with more efficient and safe reactors

b.      Phasing out old power generation plants and replacing them with newer, cleaner, and more efficient sources

c.      Research into Thorium reactors

§  Investment towards cleaner & safer energy research

a.      Assistance for companies and organizations researching renewable alternatives

b.      Providing Canadian citizens affordable energy producing options

§  Solar Energy Initiative

a.      Increasing funding towards solar research

b.      Creation of solar farms to provide clean alternative energy source

§  Energy Independence

a.      Focusing on projects with target goals of making Canada energy independent

b.      Selling off excess energy generated

§  Increasing offshore wind farms allocation


§  Regulations and standards on Fertilizers

a.      Penalties for negligence of usage causing runoff

b.      Encouraging use of more environmentally friendly products

§  Raising Canada’s environmental agenda to top priority

a.      Increase Canada’s global standing with our environmental policy

b.      Assisting and encoring other countries to find better environmental solutions

§  Nuclear waste disposal

a.      Researching ways to reduce nuclear waste

b.      Researching what to do with current nuclear waste

§  Increased investment towards clean & renewable energy

§  Elimination of fracking

§  Establish laws to protect our fresh waters from private ownership and environmental abuse

§  Tax cuts and exemptions for heavy polluters switching to lower emission standards

§  Higher taxes on dirty industry

§  Increased penalties towards environmental disasters caused by polluters

§  Mandatory corporate cleanup of disasters created or face stiff financial penalties

§  Monitoring water usage and regulating to ensure fair use

§  Using cleaner and safer power generation facilities

Farming, Fishing, & other Agriculture

§  Encourage diversification by creating incentives to switch current productions to ones in more need & demand

§  Institute a more streamlined approval method to grow more organic food products

§  Discourage use of pesticides and chemicals

§  Ensuring various sectors do not outgrow the demand they serve

§  Strict enforcement towards overfishing, especially when committed by non-Canadian fishers

§  Providing more benefits towards looking into more sustainable practices

§  Increasing the output of Canadian fisheries

§  Allowing greater funding for in-land aquaculture

§  Controlling the amount of coastal and in-land fishing

§  Reviewing and amending patent laws

§  Research into GMO healthy alternatives

Federal Budget Goals

§  Control expenditures of Government

a.      Audit Government departments and determine financial waste

b.      Greater clarity on what departments can spend money on, and what they are not allowed to.

c.      Establish regulations that encourage maximum efficiency and discourage frivolous spending

d.      Efficient employee transition program

§  Reduction to Cost of Government

a.      MP pension entitlement time increase

b.      Abolishment of the Senate and replacement with smaller review council

§  Absolute transparency on Government spending, debt levels, and financial goals

a.      Granting easy public access to financial records of most Government departments

b.      Re-establishment of elections Canada authority

§  Establishing clear Government goals

a.      Reducing the deficit

§  Restricting debt spending

a.      Creating restrictions for the Government when attempting to spend beyond reasonable means

b.      Limiting the amount of debt the Government can willfully enter

Federal Functions

§  Amendment towards current immigration point policy

a.      Creating distinct requirements to gain entry in the country

b.      Stricter conditions to obtaining Canadian citizenship

c.      Focus on encouraging skilled & educated workers to immigrate

d.      Eliminating immigration loopholes and the amount of system exploitation

e.      Enforcing against illegal immigration

f.       Safeguarding legal migrants against prioritization of illegal entries

§  Cutting taxpayer burden to finance political parties during non-elections

a.      Barring political parties from accessing Federal money to create anti party ads between elections

b.      Auditing party finances to ensure legality of political funding

§  Amending the Elections Act of Canada

a.      Clarifying certain areas that are unclear

b.      Amending rules to reflect the modern environment and ensure that elections are always fair and democratic

c.      Allowing the Chief Elections Officer the means to guarantee fair elections

§  Enforcing stricter control and instituting heavy penalties for Government officials

a.      Ensuring that all government officials are accountable for their actions

b.      Zero tolerance policy towards officials acting illegally and attempting to circumvent the law

c.      Greater punishments for willful misleading


§  Protecting the Public health system

a.      Relieving public system strain by creating optional Crown Corporation owned private options

b.      Fair transfers and division of profit from alternative health system to fund public system and increasing service quality

c.      Instituting policies to ensure against private healthcare coverage abuse

§  Future pandemic deterrents

a.      Planning health procedures towards unforeseen outbreaks

b.      Guaranteeing adequate vaccine supply for Canadians

§  Concentrating on preventative treatment methods

a.      Greater incentives for doctors who treat their patients to ensure they are receiving preventative treatment and lowering return rate

b.      Establishing confidential genetic testing clinics

§  Commencing official and impartial study on Marijuana

a.      Allowing an official government sponsored and impartial study of the long & short term effects of Marijuana

b.      Providing unbiased results to the public at the end of the study

c.      Providing a ruling based on the results from the study

§  New regulation for alternative medicine practitioners

a.      Providing Canadians with protection from alternative medicine scams

b.      Ensuring that alternative medicine practitioners are held accountable to their claims and actions

c.      Certification & license requirements

§  Study of GMO food

a.      Creating Government funded research council to determine the health risks and/or advantages of modified foods

Industry and Manufacturing

§  Creating encouraging policies to attract high tech manufacturing and industry

a.      Providing more grants and subsidiaries to research and develop technology in Canada

b.      Incentives for testing new technology in Canada

c.      Establishing greater foreign assistance ties to help strengthen weak sectors

§  Helping raise Canadian product positioning in the global market

a.      Increasing awareness of Canadian finished goods by implementing polices to encourage use of “Made In Canada” products

b.      Assist in helping increase productivity and output of Canadian made goods

c.      Compel more businesses to focus on creating finished products

§  Safeguard Canadian ownership & standards

a.      Discourage foreign nation takeovers

b.      Ensure foreign investment and companies do not lower standards of the working environment and pay average


§  Audit of Canada’s infrastructure

a.      Establish points of weakness

b.      Review the integrity of current infrastructure

c.      Plan for the future of infrastructural need in regards to roads, rail, air, and sea

§  Creating more efficient infrastructure to encourage investment in Canada

a.      Maintaining highways to a high standard

b.      Investing more into rail and sea transport systems to allow for effective nationwide logistics

c.      Investigating ways to increase the capacity of currently over crowded roadways

§   Bring forth legislature to prepare to deal with issues in Canada’s vertically rising infrastructure

a.      Ensure certain building codes are met

b.      Ensure building owners are fair and commit to their maintenance of their property

c.      Create laws to minimalize issues tenants will have in their building


§  Increase tourist import limit for Countries with a lesser economy

a.      Decreasing or Eliminating restrictions and taxes on importing certain good from countries with a lesser economy

b.      Assist small developing countries

§  Promoting communication & cooperation between countries

§  Seeking and developing greater economic opportunities beneficial for Canada

a.      Diversifying trade partners

§  Building Canada’s image as a unique tourist destination to attract investment and tourism while using additional incomes to improve infrastructure and level of life for Canadians.

§  Providing expedited Citizenship services for interpreters working with the Canadian Armed Forces

Law & Justice

§  Creating harsher sentence options

a.      Creating policies to ensure harsh penalties when grievous crimes are committed

§  Heavier penalties in regards to the manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs

§  Eliminating jail time for persons caught with low amounts of marijuana and replacing with heavy fines and community service

§  New arms enforcement policies

a.      Strict control and regulation on non-hunting classified weapons

b.      Definite jail time for misuse of arms especially when causing injury or death

c.      Ensuring acquisition and licensing practices are thorough

§  Prison system retooling

a.      Focusing on rehabilitation instead of straight incarceration

b.      Rehabilitation for people who have disabilities and mental health illnesses

c.       Separating low risk criminal offenders from high risk offenders

§  Defining laws for the future

a.      Preparing to establish next-gen laws ahead of time

b.      Creating laws to avert problems of the future

§  Encouraging modernization of current laws to reflect current values

§  Strengthening Anti-Hate legislation

a.      Clampdown on extremist organizations and group that promote hate and/or terror

§  Increasing Police training

a.      Ensuring reduction in fatalities to police as well as civilians

b.      Creating a more efficient police force

c.      Reduce racial profiling

d.      Better training for dealing with offenders with mental illness

e.      Better training for dealing with at risk offenders

§  Anti-gene patenting laws (Unless synthetic)

National Defence

§  Instituting a military modernization initiative

a.      Assessing current defence forces and determining best needs

b.      Increasing funding into DOD research and development

c.      Repatriating current forces back to Canada effective immediately

d.      Refitting forces with updated and efficient equipment and vehicles to conduct effective peacekeeping operations

§  Fixing Canada’s position as an international peacekeeper

a.      Refraining from entering sides on international conflicts

b.      Maintaining a neutral peacekeeping stance by protecting non-participants of conflicts

§  Actively Defending National Borders

a.      Additional efforts to monitor Northern Region

b.      Greater enforcement and protection of Canada’s coastal regions from foreign interference

§  Implementing new adaptive tactics for military personnel

a.      Improving military tactics to ensure less casualties

b.      Diversifying and improving personnel’s skills to adapt for the modern combat zone

§  Proactive measures towards anti-terrorism

a.      Increasing intelligence capabilities to thwart potential attacks

b.      Allow law enforcement to take immediate preventative measures

c.      Anti-terrorism training focused on ending terrorist attacks and minimalizing terrorist effectiveness

Natural Resources

§  Balancing resource consumption and resource restoration

a.      Limiting the export of Canadian water

b.      Monitoring the water table

c.      Ensure sustainability

d.      Enforcement of restoration of resources and/or land when harvested or destroyed

§  Ensuring Canadian resources stay Canadian owned and controlled

a.      Creating tighter laws to ensure that Canadian land and resources stay in control of the government

b.      Discouraging international exploitation of land and resources

c.      Focus on final production within Canada


§  Stricter regulation to prevent abuse over Canadian welfare programs

a.      Increased screening process to avoid system leeching

b.      Passive monitoring on recipients to ensure benefits meet need

c.      Bans and penalties for system abusers

§  Protecting senior benefits

a.      Securing government benefits for future seniors when they retire

b.      Ensuring system balance for baby boomer retirement

c.      Implementing measures to encourage sustainable growth of pensions for the next generation of retirees

§  Guaranteeing benefits to the armed forces

a.      Ensuring our armed forces personnel are taken care of by granting easy access to their government programs

b.      Granting greater access to health facilities at no cost

c.      Making sure all payments to personnel are paid and protected by the government

§  Amending Employment Insurance legislation

a.      Decreasing wait times

b.      Improving EI Service Canada speed and work quality

c.      Providing better transparency of EI requirements


§  Easing tax burden on Canadians

a.      No raised taxes on middle-class personal income and small business income

b.      Reforming the current tax system to encourage more wealthy to invest in Canada

c.      Raising corporate tax

§  Providing tax influencing policies for business

a.      Providing tax incentives for action above & beyond average social responsibility

b.      Tax breaks for businesses choosing to modernize their business

c.      Temporary lower taxes for small starting business to help increase income

§  Tax enforcement policies

a.      Stiff financial penalties on money laundering and illegal money sheltering

b.      Greater monitoring on benefit receivers to ensure against fraud

§  Foreign nation taxes

a.      Higher taxes on foreign nation buyouts of Canadian property

b.      Higher taxes on foreign nation owned companies and profits in Canada

§  Tax on previously exempted organizations

a.      Tax on exempt organizations that make substantially more money than their expenses and giveaway

b.      Increased tax on exempt organizations that hoard money


§  Increasing protective measures on online security for Canadian citizens

§  Attract foreign business to enter Canada to allow for even competition in the technology field

§  Give additional opportunities for more competitors to compete in the field of cellular phone service and internet to allow for more competition.

§  Providing more opportunities for research into Genetic technology

§  Providing additional resources for research into materials

§  Research initiative into superconductive physics to reduce electricity waste and create more effective infrastructure

§  Formation of Government innovation advisory board to assist entrepreneurs and inventors with their innovations

§  Allowing greater access to government funding for technological endeavors