Political Career Path

This is your chance to take action and help create a new nation. We are actively looking for staff, volunteers, and interns for various positions. For more information please e-mail info@citizenparty.ca regarding the position of interest.

If a position you see here interests you find it below and click to expand to see a full detailed view of duties and requirements.

A majority of these positions are volunteer basis only unless otherwise stated. We encourage you to apply or send us an email if you have any questions.

Executive Division

National Board of Officers:

Party 1st Officer (P1O) (OPEN)

The Party 1st officer is considered to be the next possible Party Leader/Prime Minister. Foremost duties will be to develop strategies to expand the party. Secondary responsibilities will vary greatly from meet-and-greets, media appearances and Party-Governmental trajectory planning (i.e. amendments to policy). This position requires that the person is extremely motivated, pragmatic and has a clear vision for the future of Canada. This position must be voted on by the NBO.

Party Justice Officer (PJO): (OPEN)

The Party Justice Officer is to be responsible for day-to-day operations, as well as resolving bigger picture problems and conflicts that arise within the party. The Justice Officer should be appointed by the Leader or the FPD.

Party Liaison Officer (PLO): (OPEN)

The Party Liaison Officer is to act as the primary contact and general representative of the party regarding organization affairs. They are also to be the considered the chief agent for the party in accordance with the regulations set out by Elections Canada. The Liaison should be elected through a membership vote, although they can be appointed by the FPD.

Party Relations Office (PRO): (N/A)

The Party Relations Officer is responsible for creating and maintaining awareness and promotional strategies to inform the public of the party’s movements. This position must be selected by the FPD.

Party Financial Officer (PFO): (OPEN)

The Party Financial Officer is responsible for creating, planning and executing ideas on raising the party’s finances. Appointment of this position can either be election through a membership vote or via appointment by the  FPD.

Party Policy Officer (PPO): (OPEN)

The Party Policy Officer is responsible for finalizing policies brought forth by other members including the clarification or amendment of party policies. They are also authorized to add or remove party policies. Appointment of this position should be through a membership vote but can also be appointed by the Leader or FPD.

Party Enrollment Officer (PEO): (OPEN)

The Party Enrollment Officer is responsible for bringing forth internal concerns from members of the party. The Enrollment Officer is tasked with member recruitment and retention. Appointment of this position must be obtained through a membership vote.

Party Service Officer (PSO): (OPEN)

The Party Service Officer is responsible for ensuring high-value service for party members by discovering their needs and wants. Acting as an advisor to the other officers by providing finding and reports to help improve operations. Appointment of this position should be through a membership vote but can also be appointed by the Leader or FPD.

Party Acquisition Officer (PAO): (OPEN)

The Party Acquisition Officer is responsible for prudent procurement through bargaining efforts with third-party service and product providers. Negotiating on behalf of the party on national and regional levels. This position must be selected by the FPD.

Desks & Specialists

The Desk(s) positions are the most important staff members to the Executive. Working as a desk you will be assigned a specific policy to research, understand, and develop new ideas regarding issues facing that area. While working on a Desk you will become a policy expert. You will also work toward providing accurate and reliable research to the executives who use the information to create, defend, or attack certain policies within Canada. Desks are also some of the earliest policy creators who can bring up policy issues for the Executive to deliberate on and provide policy finalization approval.

The position itself is extremely rewarding as you will be directly influencing the direction of the party. There is never a shortage of work and is the most effective entry level position if you are looking to get into the Executive. Your research and ideas will help directly influence the position of the party, which in turn will reflect the position of the entire nation. The position itself requires you to be constantly seeking new information and ideas. You will generally be working within your own parameters and requires a self-starting and inquisitive mind. This is an excellent job for those who enjoy working more freely with their thoughts.


  • Research and develop policies
  • Report directly to the Executive
  • Establish a working knowledge of your assigned field
  • Type research reports
  • Provide information requested by the Executive in a timely manner
  • Perform light clerical duties
  • Perform light clerical duties
  • Work effectively and quickly


  • Education or experience in the field of choice
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Great dependability and reliability
  • Self-motivating
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Ability to find and provide credible research reports and information
  • Ability to disseminate, extract, and create new policy ideas
  • Keep up to date within your field
  • Able to create your own work objectives
  • Able to communicate your finding effectively to others

National Strategy Division

National Strategy Manager

The National Strategy Manager is considered to be part a key asset to the party and holds the special designation of Semi-Executive. This particular role requires the establishment of business relationships with key service providers and product distributers. The continuing goal of the National Strategy Manager is to provide the party with a stream of resources that can be used to increase presence and awareness. This position oversees the long-term operations of the division.

Additionally, the Strategy Manager is responsible for the ongoing campaign strategy during and after elections. This requires a strong network to know where and when opportunities arise to allow party representatives to connect with the public.


  • Establishing business relations with service providers and distributors
  • Budgeting and finance control of party supplies
  • Reporting and recommending strategies and ideas to the Executive Cadre
  • Creating political campaigns for upcoming elections
  • Networking with external organizations
  • Planning, creating, and managing key events
  • Advising political representatives on important events to attend and participate in
  • Creating recruitment strategies
  • Approving party distribution material
  • Managing marketing and advertising


  • Must have extensive experience in business, marketing, or advertisement management.
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak fluently in English
  • Must have experience creating effective campaigns and establishing metrics
  • Must be able to manage a large team locally and remotely
  • Sociable and extroverted in nature
  • Ability to plan and forecast financial planning
  • Unmatched business negotiating skills
  • Understanding of social media and ability to predict future trends
  • Extremely organized with ability to clearly report to Executive level staff
  • Willing to travel when needed
  • Access to own vehicle an asset
  • Experience within the party essential
  • Canadian Citizen Requirement
  • Willing to work long and extreme hours

P & A Manager / Assistant P&A Manager

The P & A Manager is one of the most important non-executive roles available as it requires you to become a recognizable and respected figure of the party. This role requires establishing contact with individuals and organizations. By establishing connections, the party will be able to further extend its reach. With these skills, managers will be leading the primary funding and marketing source of the party. Promoting and creating awareness will allow the party to collect greater support as well as collect donations to expand influence. Relationships will both be national and international. The job oversees the short term and immediate functions of the division.

In addition to all this, managers will be sculpting the minds of Canadians while promoting the party’s general values and goals. Working closely with the Executive, you will help develop political and personal strategies to maximize the capability of the party and its representatives.


  • Initiate first contact between the executive and non-party members
  • Plan events for the party
  • Act as a liaison of the party
  • Encourage members to join
  • Inform the public of the party’s goals and objectives
  • Provide short and long term strategies for the executive
  • Assist in staff selection processes
  • Determine staffing needs of the party
  • Create fundraising initiatives
  • Give personal support and feedback to executive members
  • Act as a recognizable figure in the party
  • Set party personnel standards


  • Must have extensive experience in PR
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak fluently in English. Other languages are an asset.
  • Must have experience in fundraising
  • Must have the ability to work individually as well as in larger teams
  • Must be able to manage locally and remotely
  • Ability to meet new people and establish connections easily
  • Good memory regarding party policies and procedures
  • Presentable and professional appearance
  • Excellent reliability and dependability
  • Adaptable to change
  • Able to step outside your comfort zone
  • Creative and artistic mind
  • Client focused
  • Organized
  • Experience in Government an asset
  • Able to work outside regular hours
  • Willing to travel to various locations
  • Canadian Citizen Required

Social Coordinator / Assistant Coordinator

The Social Coordinator is tasked with directly helping the P & A Manager, as well managing the division staff under them. Meeting and greeting people, working with Executives, managing and coordinating staff, planning future promotional strategies, and improving the party’s image are just the few things coordinators will be doing in this role. Coordinators are also considered the unofficial morale officers of the party as it is their task to ensure that moral is kept high within. When the P & A Manager is unable to perform their duties, it is up to the Social Coordinator to take charge and perform just as quick and efficiently. Essentially Coordinators are the “boots on the ground” in a commanding sense.

This position requires a person who is comfortable with micro and macro management. The most successful Coordinator possesses a self-motivating drive, willingness to learn improve, consistently positive attitude, and a lot of energy. The position will stretch ones skills to the limit by being such a dynamic role. This is a role best suited for those looking for a diverse role and hoping to obtain skills in management, marketing and promotion strategy, and event coordination. In addition Coordinators may gain experience when working direct with Executives who may require their expertise and assistance, further giving insight into other opportunities within the party.


  • Creating a positive atmosphere and maintaining high party morale
  • Assisting the Head of P & A
  • Assisting the Executive
  • Coordinating public and private events
  • Managing division staff
  • Promoting the party
  • Creating long term promotional strategies
  • Developing promotional materials
  • Administrative duties
  • Working in public events


  • Positive attitude
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Ability to work under extreme pressure
  • Experience with public interaction
  • Experience in marketing
  • Experience in managing
  • Experience in event planning
  • Financial Prudence
  • Must have relevant post-secondary education
  • Cultural awareness of various communities

P & A Lead / P&A Specialist

Promotion & Awareness Specialists are important members of the staff as they are the ones who will help create different initiatives geared towards bringing in more members as well as help contribute to successful event hosting. Due to this multi-pronged position P & A Specialists may work behind the scenes or right on the front lines. A specialists’ duty is to ensure that the image of the party stays positive; as well they are the ones who are to come up with creative and imaginative ideas to help propel the party into the spotlight.

This position gives experience in a multitude of areas such as marketing, promotion, branding, event hosting, fundraising, and a multitude of other dynamic and exciting areas. While working, you will demonstrate the ability to work individually as well in a team environment towards the same goal of success.  This fun and rewarding position is especially suited for those looking to gain fast paced and relevant experience, as well prepare them to work for Government and Corporate entities.


  • Creating unique hosting events
  • Work in large coordinated groups and events
  • Work with superiors to create unique events
  • Create marketing strategies for the party
  • Establish professional connections
  • Represent the party
  • Provide expertise and advisement to the division head
  • Create and design products for the party
  • Research and report financial strategies


  • Ability to work in teams effectively
  • Ability to interact with the public
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Strong writing ability
  • Creative and imaginative
  • Artistic ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Talented team-management ability
  • Experience/Education in Marketing or PR an asset
  • Experience in Event hosting an asset
  • Must have some post-secondary education preferably in a relevant field
  • Willing to travel around locally

Visual Designer

Visual Designers are responsible for delivering the layout of content as prescribed by the P&A lead or specialist as well as adding their own ideas. Designing content from scratch and providing various concepts and interpretations for discussion among the P&A division. The visual designer is responsible for making sure that all materials have an impact, convey messages through their work, and logistically make sense to put in to production.

Visual designers have an opportunity to gain a rich experience and put their creative skills to use. Work created by designers is used for local and national levels of awareness allowing creators to expand their portfolio of works. Visual designers are also able to take pride in their work by seeing the direct reactions of Canadians.


  • Creating works based on the needs of the marketing division
  • Working with P&A Lead and specialists to conceptualize campaigns
  • Providing drafts and concept designs for review
  • Finalizing designs for publication
  • Putting designs in to production using internal and/or external resources
  • Ensuring production costs do not exceed budget


  • Proven ability to draw
  • Proven experience in design and concepts
  • High working knowledge of various software programs such as photoshop, adobe, etc…
  • Some formal education in graphic design
  • Portfolio of past work
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Capability to listen and interpret design requests
  • Some experience/knowledge in production of merchandise as asset

P & A Associate

P&A associates are the interns of the division with an interest in marketing and advertising. Associates are introduced to the upper positions daily routine and work life, providing a rich and varied experience. Tasks range from the specific skillset of the associate and can be used to gain more hands-on experience as well as merit within the party. The position is usually reserved for students however upon internal recommendation a general applicant may be granted a spot.


  • Partake in learning the functions of the division
  • Obtain hands on experience within marketing and advertising
  • Conduct various daily tasks
  • Complete any requirements as requested from school program


  • Interest in marketing and advertising
  • Enrolled in a relevant program
  • Interest in national/federal politics
  • Ability to work independently


Promoters are the true entry level members of the division. They are the planters of seed for grassroot movements and advocacy. Usually acting as floor level ambassadors, promoters can be seen on the streets, on the phone, or at official party events.

Promoters gain experience in the field as well inside the offices. Usually doing important front-line tasks such as answering inquiries from citizens or providing information. Although this is a entry level job it does not necessary mean that a promoter will be forced to move up as this position is considered extremely important.


  • Providing ground level support to the division
  • Assisting the public regarding information requests and inquiries


  • Strong interest in politics
  • Proven support of the party
  • Ability to interact effectively with the public

National Media Division

National Media Manager

As the parties Media Relations Manager, you will act as one of the more prominent faces of the party. Your goal is to create a larger influence as well as provide an outlet from where supporters can gain information on the party. In addition to this you will work to constantly remind and inform the public on the work that the party has achieved or the long term objectives that are underway. As well you will help in creating an everlasting positive image that many will remember even past elections.

This role is not for the shy as you will be attempting to make as many appearances as possible across Canada. Intellectual agility is required as you will also be battling the opposition parties’ media influence and representatives.



  • Creating, implementing, and managing a variety of media related material for the party including: television, radio, and internet on a national level
  • Creating A/V guidance material for the party
  • Fully understanding of the party’s political stance
  • Establishing and arranging connections with external media outlets
  • Developing, editing, and publishing public material
  • Ensuring consistency and quality of all party broadcasts
  • Advising and training party staff on media appearances
  • Providing direct support to the executive
  • Leading the media division to develop strategies for both the long and short term
  • Acting as top spokesperson of the party and relaying news and updates to and from various locations



  • Ability to work under extreme pressure
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Must be quick minded and clever
  • Must have a creative and artistic mind
  • Experience dealing with the public
  • Experience managing a team
  • Able to debate and discuss intelligently
  • The ability to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • Constantly keeping up to date with trends in the media and political scene
  • Goal oriented towards maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • Excellent understanding on politics
  • Ability to read and write in French an asset

Citizen Security Division

There are no current open roles in the CSD.